Recipe of the Day: Baked Lemon Doughnuts!
Recipe of the Day: Classic Baked Lemon Doughnuts! Bake and enjoy! To order your postcard recipe e-mail me now at
Recipe of the Week: Classic Lemon Sheet Cake!
Recipe of the Week: Classic Lemon Sheet Cake! Bake and enjoy! To order your postcard recipe e-mail me now at
How ideas are born
While I was busy making these, my mind tipped to a curious place. You see I have a process I go through, before an idea becomes a 'thing'; and I was wondering how other people might work? A couple of organic steps follow, but it all starts with that little spark or a big bang when I am triggered to turn THAT thing into my 'vision'. So I guess you can call it the trigger event.
Expanding Range into Wholesale PopUps

The time has finally come to slowly start reaching wholesale buyers who run their own small businesses. The idea was born many moons ago, and it took a few nudges from clients to convince me, that with a good balanced range of top sellers I am ready to take the next step.

Its an extension of my range in terms of availability nationwide, and the ideas are flowing. I work carefully on the concepts to remain true to my real passion, supplying stock in larger orders without compromising the quality and unique, local flavor.


Building new memories!
After a hearty meal of Smoked Snoek with some traditional side dishes, we were still blessed with some chunks of leftover white meat. Dad quietly disappeared and came back with this recipe. Try it - enjoy it. Its delicious!
The Doily Debate!

So here is what I figured out. I'm a Classic Crochet Doily girl... While I adore the beautiful colours one can experiment with on the modern designs, there is nothing more beautiful than a lovely Vintage Doily in the true classic style. It is a dying art, with patterns being addapted to suit more modern lifestyles.  

Yet, I cannot walk past a classic pattern or yarn, let alone Doily found in a thrift shop! I literally have hundreds and cannot get myself to part with them. I understand there is place for both... but humor me today when I showcase some wonderful examples of what can be done with an old Vintage Doily. For those close enough to where I am located, you will always find a couple of beautiful doilies you can take home, for sale in my shop. I sell the pristene, unmarked lovelies but I also upcycle the stained or marked oldies in bunting as below. Have fun with them. Oh... and to truly appreciate these pieces, attempt to make one with the real thin yarn - then you will understand the time and dedication that was required for Grandma to make these. 


So the question I guess is: Modern versus Classic? What kind of a girl are you?   

Paper Dolls... Rock-A-Baby Gift Ideas

Paper dolls are figures cut out of paper or thin card, with separate clothes, also made of paper, that are usually held onto the dolls by paper folding tabs. They may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object. 
Paper dolls have been inexpensive children's toys for almost two hundred years. Today, many artists are turning paper dolls into an art form.

Paper dolls have been used for advertising, appeared in magazines and newspapers, and covered a variety of subjects and time periods. 

Order these special little packs and help your child develop a creative, imaginative mind with something different. They have become highly sought-after collectibles, especially as vintage paper dolls become rarer due to the limited lifespan of paper objects. Paper dolls are still being created today.

Let us 'Braai'

So Summer is here! That means more & more 'Braai-Fires' will be lit. A proud South African tradition... or is it? “Braai” is a word we have all come to love but what are its origins? And why is it uniquely South African? Lets see what under the coals and explore the culture behind braai." Other ambassadors for this traditional day is undoubtedly 'JanBraai' the television personality who single-handedly started a revolution! 

Check out 'JanBraai' here on FaceBook:  

Some great Recipe Links for your next Braai - try to experiment a bit!


Crochet Revolution: Waste Not!

Waste Not - All those little pesky bits left over after projects are finished drove me up the wall. I meticulously rolled them up and landed up with hundreds of little balls just short of full rows in most larger projects. 

Your options are plentyfull such as Crochet Flowers or Mini Projects. I hopped online and after a walk-through to get inspiration opted for some baby bits and funky decor. This was the end-result... and I still have about another 120 little balls left! Going to turn them into Baby HeadBands and Flowers.

Crochet Revolution: Rags to Rugs
The perfect crochet rug is here to stay...