"RumblinRose Cottage" Online

This site features a range of hand-picked products that are close to my heart. These are designed and produced by myself but I might feature other local top designers from time to time. I have packaged exciting stock packs for Entrepreneurs who would like to take charge of their own lives by becoming their own boss. Ask me HOW at info@rumblinrose.co.za

My company also owns a professional Web Development arm that supports anyone taking on the business ownership journey ~ you are in a safe environment. If you do not have the budget to feature your own products on a dedicated site such as this, I can offer you shelf-space on our virtual community shopping mall. e-Mail info@themallsa.co.za for more information. 

For any DTP requirements such as Books, eBooks, manuscripts & novels or DIY publications etc. you are welcome to contact info@lunamedia.co.za where we offer a full DTP publication service right up to print-ready status.  

Featured products

Clothing Rail

Handy Clothing Rail for the Hospitality Industry or your AirBnB: Apply for Wholesaler Account to get Discount!


Hoodie [ Kids ] be kind.

Hoodie [ Kids ] be kind. Apply for Wholesaler Account to get Discount!


Wood Cross & Photograph Set

This lovely set is a humble reminder in a Decor setting.


Gift Voucher 6

Send someone Real Special a Gift Voucher to shop safely online!

Crochet Hang Pods

These Crochet Hanging Pods are versatile in function and very strong. Apply for Wholesaler Account to get Discount!


Postcard : Studebaker

Postcard : Studebaker (Apply for Wholesaler Account to get Discount!)


Postcard : Most beautiful Donkey

Postcard : Most beautiful Donkey (Apply for Wholesaler Account to get Discount!)


Mini Ladder - Multipurpose Functional Decor

Mini Wood Ladders serve as Functional Decor and perfect to display your special goodies.


Crochet Class 27Nov2021 : Xmas Star & Bunting

Join our local Mossel Bay small, intimate group class and make some special decorations for Christmas!



Our cottage now also supplies shops around the country, and we are always looking for more outlets.