How ideas are born

While I was busy making these, my mind tipped to a curious place. You see I have a process I go through, before an idea becomes a 'thing'; and I was wondering how other people might work?

A couple of organic steps follow, but it all starts with that little spark or a big bang when I am triggered to turn THAT thing into my 'vision'. So I guess you can call it the trigger event.

So with this 'idea' I was inspired by winter and my urge to knit something, and that led me down the yarn isle. I found this amazing umbrae blend of warm winter colours. It takes exactly 1 ball to knit an adult scarf, so I was super excited to try my first one this winter. I remembered that I had some mustard yellow and olive green corduroy fabrics so again I was just drawn to the natural colours one would find in winter I suppose. I saw the previous two scarves I made last season, and it's all blending so well. I was convinced that there is a big opportunity for me to build a selection of hand-knit and crochet winter warmers by simply letting nature guide me.

When I settled down and dove into my fabrics; I decided to make little shoulder bags that are reversible and pairing that with the lovely winter scarves and a bonus scrunchie to match. Just there this big idea was born. Some things need a friend to sell out, and the overall feel without being too literal in the match making worked out beautifully.


I am visually triggered by colour, texture and behaviour. I love to interact with my customers and love it even more to see them happy with making wise choices. When you shop here, you will find items that just gel well together. You will find quality, love and passion at the root of it all. 


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