The Mall SA

"The world is in chaos, people are devastated and the world economy is taking an unprecedented plunge. There are however things you and I can do, to relieve the impact of the Covoid-19 aftermath and more importantly the current lack of very necessary income that just vanished overnight."

In a nut shell - we are here to help. You have a few options. While we all wait for the pandemic to spike to its peak in order for us to really grasp the gravity of what is to come on the economic front, there are solutions but we must prepare in advance and make available tools to help us not only survive, but also succeed in keeping our businesses and families functioning and thriving. 

We offer you advertising space on this national platform, free directory listings, additional custom online stores such as this for your own business on a payment plan and hosting and email solutions with 24/7 support. There are no hidden costs - our priority now is to help communities rebuild livelihoods. Many of us will not qualify for the grants and loans and without each others support, it will have devastating consequences.

To emphasise our Hashtag drive you must realise that we are now all about supporting our own South African Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

There simply is no more time to waste.