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This website was designed by my studio. It serves as a shop-front for my own product range, as well as a professional working example for e-commerce functionality offered to interested clients. I use the Nop-Commerce platform, ranking in the top 3 next to Shopify & Woo-Commerce. I chose this platform for its robust interface & affordability passed on to the client. Recently I split my Professional Profile, from my Retail Store. 

I have extensive experience in the marketing industry with television and radio media buying and understand the importance of brand awareness; the decision making process in getting there. We are all going through very stressful times, but this too shall pass. 

Cherry Pepper Media 

Behind the Agency

In support of all client project developments under Rumblin Rose Trading Post (Pty) Limited
we offer a robust & reliable Hosting Services on a secure, dedicated server on the backbone with a top provider, XNeelo.

* You are in charge of your own business *

We offer tools, and do not guarantee the success of your own business. We will assist with getting you online, interpreting your wishlist and supporting you with updates as and when required. 



Options available for website & mail hosting through my company - in line with industry standards:

Monthly Hosting

*** Strictly Online Hosting Purchase or Netcash Internal Transfers

You are provided with a link to settle monthly online right here on this site. No monthly deposits or EFT's will be accepted. e-Commerce clients may do internal transfers which costs you nothing in terms of banking fees.


*** 12 Months in advance (This option qualifies for a 10% discount)

Penalty fee of R150 + the outstanding amount will be payable within 24hours to avoid suspension of the service. 3 Unpaid requests will result in permanent suspension of services and any or all work we have done on the site will be forfitted by yourselves.


When you apply for a mailbox at the Post Office you will have access to it (a key to get your mail), and have to renew it every year as it belongs to the Post Office. The same goes for a shop that you rent inside a shopping mall. 

Websites and e-mail hosting works on the same principle. You purchase your domain (web address), and then have to 'park' it or showcase it as a store-front, somewhere online. That is where I come in. I am the host (or mall) where your domain (shop) is located. 


The internet has ballooned into millions of websites. Every single one of those sites were purchased by someone, and then hosted on a server somewhere. Because people pass away, companies close down, individuals give up their hobbies or simply do not want to continue using some sites, there had to be a system whereby domains were monitored annually.

Domain owners are given the opportunity to renew as the same owner, or to let a domain expire - making it available for somebody else. You cannot get around this. Costs vary but generally prices are fair and market related. Certain types of domains are more expensive than others, for instance .com domains are much more expensive than domains.  

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