Crochet Revolution: Rags to Rugs

The revolution is in full swing. No longer do they scoff at this awesome craft we call Crochet - in fact it is also a known skill set among many bearded masculine men... and it has jumped the gender boundary in huge leaps.

The following project is not new on the block either, but I never get tired of the impact a large oversized doily rug makes. It is so satisfying to make, with each one taking on a life of its own. The colour and type of t-shirting or cotton yarn you use will determine the outcome of the project - so don't be too set on an idea. Play around and let it flow.

Again my favourite shades of Rags to Rugs has got to be the neutral earthy tones...
(Dune or Sand, Grey, Light Green, Chocolate and Charcoal) Most of the balls of T-shirting comes from upcycling boffins out of CMT factories where they produce T-Shirts. These are all off-cuts... but you can also get creative and recycle used clothing, denim or cut-up old T-Shirts yourself. 

If you don't want to go through the process - contact me for your custom order!

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