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The Doily Debate!

So here is what I figured out. I'm a Classic Crochet Doily girl... While I adore the beautiful colours one can experiment with on the modern designs, there is nothing more beautiful than a lovely Vintage Doily in the true classic style. It is a dying art, with patterns being addapted to suit more modern lifestyles.  

Yet, I cannot walk past a classic pattern or yarn, let alone Doily found in a thrift shop! I literally have hundreds and cannot get myself to part with them. I understand there is place for both... but humor me today when I showcase some wonderful examples of what can be done with an old Vintage Doily. For those close enough to where I am located, you will always find a couple of beautiful doilies you can take home, for sale in my shop. I sell the pristene, unmarked lovelies but I also upcycle the stained or marked oldies in bunting as below. Have fun with them. Oh... and to truly appreciate these pieces, attempt to make one with the real thin yarn - then you will understand the time and dedication that was required for Grandma to make these. 


So the question I guess is: Modern versus Classic? What kind of a girl are you?   

Scatter me Pretty & Soft

Scatter me pretty and soft... Make the room warm and calm by using these beautiful Neutral tones in scatters and throws. Dreamy! Hashtag: #BeInspired #Decor #KarooInspired

Rustic Charm Karoo Style

Creating a rustic Karoo space must be one of the most fun and liberating experiences. There are few rules - you need not break the budget. In fact you will save tons instead.

Here is a great example of the secret foundation of any Karoo style space: Neutral, earthy colours! 

Play with light by bouncing collections of various vintage Mirrors off white, raw brick walls. Slip covers are perfect to cover that comfy couch (the internet shows you how).

Find some cloth of flour sacks to make clever, farm style pillow covers

Find auctions in your area, or wander through the many second-hand or antique stores to get the key pieces like this stunning Iron Bed.

Keep yourself busy by taking on a project to knit or crochet a blanket in earthy tones.

Ad some soft drapes and dreamy white linen... and there you have that romantic, rustic charm Karoo style!

Ad some interest by collecting various inexpensive old enamel jugs to store those oversized baking utensils that are taking up drawer space.

It ads instant charm and is functional, easy to access.